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Pro: Dream big or go home

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Dare to dream. Every successful person started off as a kid with ambition. (Sheng Lor/March 30, 2012)

By Sierra Lopez

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

That is a motto that everyone should be encouraged to live by, especially children.

An astronaut, a super star, a doctor, a rock star, a firefighter. There are 6,840,507,003 people in the world who all have dreams and these are all things that most people dream of being, as children.

“I think it is important to dream because it gives you aspirations in life and something to look forward too. Someone without dreams and ambition is not going to get anywhere,” stated Yareli Robledo, an ambitious sophomore.

As a young girl, I always dreamed of being an actress but lost my drive due to constant put down from people who did not believe in me. I was a young girl raised in a Mexican family, whose income was less than sufficient. Becoming an actress was a farfetched dream in my family’s eyes. They would rather I be a doctor or a lawyer. Soon after coming into high school, my dream resurfaced after coming into contact with a teacher who was very supportive and knew that if I wanted something, I could achieve it. I owe my drive to Jane Kisling.

Mrs. Kisling, the teacher for AVID and child development at Granite Hills, said, “A lot of people say they want to be movie stars, but they’re not believable. If someone has passion in their eyes, you know they are going to achieve it. It’s believable with that passion.”

Many people are scared to dream big because it seems unrealistic and there is a high chance of failure. What is being realistic though? Is it being cooped up in a little cubicle from eight to five? Is it living in a small town to get married and raise a family? Going to school to come back to school? Who is to say what is realistic?

“I feel like it’s something you shouldn’t really consider since we come from a small town. It is harder doing something like that because we do come from a rural society,” stated senior, Adrian Yahuaca.

Being realistic means knowing what you are capable of, and pushing yourself to your limit to achieve the most you can. It is unrealistic and a waste of time to keep it safe.

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