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  • A Musical Affair

    A&E by Isaac Flores: Finished with the Spring Festival, the Granite Hills High School choir is shifting its focus towards the upcoming California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Festival. Read More
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  • Spring Concert

    A&E by Manuel Leon: The Granite Hills High School band is wrapping up their school year with their Annual Spring Concert. Read More
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A night of music

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Photo Above: Choir students preformance during the anual potluck held in the Granite Hills Cafeteria. (Photo By Sheng Lor)


By Rosendo Vallejo

This event was held in the cafeteria, reaching out to both band and choir parents. Students were separated into groups, each bringing a certain dish for the potluck. The dinner section of the event began at 6 p.m. and the program started at 7 p.m.

The potluck was a practice performance before this year’s music festival.

"I am hoping tonight goes well and that everyone does good," said choir and band student Isabel Ruiz.

Treble choir performed first and chamber choir followed. Concert took the stage with a selection of three songs from entirely different cultures. "Yearning," a Finnish piece written by Sigurd Christiansen; "Kyrie," the Latin selection by Gabriel Faure; and "Zikr," an Islamic chant by A.R Rahman.

"Each song has its own individuality making it unique and fun in its own way," stated Beto Conteras, a choir and band student.

Band also took the stage shortly after choir even bringing out a performance by the jazz band. Band performed the songs "Military Escort," "Allegretto," and finished with "Highland Legend."

"Today went really well musically for both programs in my opinion," said choir student Lisa Yang.

Shortly after the jazz band’s performance, the Granite Hills Winterguard performed their show "Alice" in the gym and the Winterline followed, taking the floor to end the night.

“I have only seen these performances on video, but seeing it all in person is 100 times better. As I watched the band and choir perform, I saw a few parents with tears in their eyes. These kids have improved so much, it is truly inspiring to watch,” said Hannah Vehrs.

Editor: Victor Espinoza

Posted by: Taylor Merritt

Final Editor: Vanessa Felix

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